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Concert in the Park – JUDSON BROWN BAND

The Judson Brown Band specializes in acoustic rock, pop, and country music. It’s like your iPod on shuffle… only better! The band, which performs in the duo, trio, or quartet configuration, specializes in violin heavy arrangements of pop and rock songs. Shows feature intricate three-part harmonies, stunning lead guitar, classic fiddle, and intoxicating bass. In addition to their diverse set list, the band loves challenges, and entertains most any request on the spot.

Band leader Judson Brown (of Bella Cain) is joined by core members Colleen Kuraszek (borrowed from the classical world, formerly of Mellencougar) and Greg Gonzalez (formerly of Bella Cain). While Judson handles lead vocals and “electrified” acoustic guitar, Colleen defines the band’s sound with a fluid and powerful violin technique that is equal parts classical and contemporary. Greg brings a powerhouse voice and cutting-edge effects for his bass.

The group performs for festivals, bar gigs, corporate events, backyard parties, and everything between. If you want customizable live entertainment that offers something for everyone, this is it!

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