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Independence Day Celebration 2023

As a result of much thought and planning, this year’s Independence Day Celebration will be held on Thursday, June 29th due to a variety of reasons. First and foremost, the Zion Park District is committed to operating with fiscal responsibility while offering the community significant value. Since Covid, the availability and cost of a quality fireworks show has doubled in recent years. Additionally, weekend shows and July 4th shows cost 50% more than a weekday. Band availability and cost for a weekend or July 4th concert, also can increase by 50% or more; especially when booking a popular band such as Bella Cain.

The Park District manages and maintains over 750 acres of parklands and open spaces, while being very mindful of its tax levy and comprising less than 6.00% of a resident’s total property tax bill. Maintaining core services, parks, facilities and programs all are considered while also trying to deliver high-quality special events. We understand no date can be attended by all and circumstances will change year-to-year. However, we hope you enjoy this year’s celebration and appreciate your support of the Zion Park District.

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