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Zion Park District Participating In Statewide Flying 4 Kids Month

Keep your eyes to the skies on Saturday, May 10.  The Zion Park District is hosting a fun, family-oriented kite fly from 11am-5pm in the park behind the Leisure Center building as part of the Illinois Association of Park Districts’ (IAPD) statewide Flying 4 Kids month.

The goal of Flying 4 Kids is to raise awareness of the Park District Youth License Plate, which features a colorful kite.  Twenty-five dollars from the sale and subsequent renewals of each plate is placed into the IAPD Power Play! Grant, a special grant to benefit beyond-school programming for youth at park districts and recreation agencies throughout Illinois.  In April, the Zion Park District was awarded the Power Play! Grant to enhance beyond-school programming that focuses on fitness, nutrition and health.

The Zion Park District’s kite fly event is FREE and open to the public.  Chicago Kite will be joining us to show off some of their enormous kites with performance demos.  Bring your family, a picnic lunch, and your favorite kite for this fun, leisurely kite fly.  Concession sales will also be held on site.

For more information about the Zion park District’s Flying 4 Kids event, please call Kay Petersen at 847-746-5500 or visit zionparkdistrict.com.

For more information about the Park District Youth License Plate, or to place an order, call the Illinois Secretary of State’s office at 217-782-7758.  Vanity and personalized plates are available.  Request forms can be accessed at cyberdriveillinos.com or ILparks.org.

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